Parking Lot Resurfacing

Time to really fix your parking lot?

If your parking lot is riddled with potholes, fatigue cracking, and/or patches galore, then a total resurface is in store. It is the complete make over for your parking lot. There are few options in how deep to dig or how high to apply. To fully restore your parking lot we high recommend a long talk with one of our specialists.

On a scale of 1-10 how badly do you need to resurface your parking lot?

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your parking lot look right now?

Those two questions are on the same scale but from different views. If your commercial retail parking lot doesn’t rate a 7+ in beauty, then you should be a 10 for resurfacing your parking lot today. If your commercial tenant property isn’t looking like a 6+ then that’s a 10 for resurfacing your parking lot now. If your parking lot has to get to 5 or below before you resurface it, then you are not the type of property manager you should be… and frankly, don’t call us.

If you are ready to keep your parking lot at it’s peak appearance, then let’s set up a consultation on what a routine parking lot maintenance service looks like. And with a little help from your AZ Hard Hat team, we can have your parking lot int the range of crisp, clean, and beautiful all year long.

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