Construction Site Sweeping

Construction Site Sweeping

In most cities, construction sites need to keep dirt and debris down to a minimum. Failing to do so comes at a risk to the property owner in the way of penalties and fines. Apart from the cost of fines, the threat of slowing or shutting down an entire project becomes the greatest concern. AZ Hard Hat covers your tracks with construction site sweeping. Sweeping can be scheduled as frequently as needed to keep local officials off your backs and on your side.

The right sweeping equipment for your construction site

Laws typically don’t dictate what type of machinery to use. Mostly the laws are concerned with pollution and water contamination. Some cities will also have laws on sweeper lights and signage. The operations laws should be the concern of the sweeper, not yours. However, the general manager, project manager, and owner are ultimately the ones at risk when it comes to keeping the dirt down and pollution in control. Therefore, it pays to know a little about the equipment being used to sweep your construction site.

You have likely seen many different looking street sweepers. The size of the truck and sweepers is only one consideration. What’s under the hood also matters. Does the sweeping truck have mechanical brooms, wetting capacity, vacuuming, and/or air regeneration? What speed is needed to keep up with the construction work being done? City street asphalt work that creates debris during the milling process will benefit from a sweeper that can travel at higher speeds and handle heavier materials. Using both a mechanical broom truck and a vacuum or regenerative-air truck is wise when dealing with fine air pollutants and the Arizona deserts dust. There truly is a lot to consider when picking the right equipment for your construction site needs.

Things to consider when hiring a construction site sweeper

    • Having the right equipment for the site

    • Hiring a sweeper before an inspector requires it

    • Local pollution laws and ordinances for your site

    • Where will debris be dumped

"Using AZ Hard Hat’s resources and team makes having the right equipment something I don’t have to worry about."

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