Emergency Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Our Phoenix AZ Hard Hat crew works quickly and efficiently to remove unwanted tagging and defacing of your property. While Wikipedia may define graffiti as art that has existed since the Egyptians, the unpermitted unsightly defacement your building is a crime. Letting this vandalism exist detours patrons from frequenting your business. The quicker you respond the better. Take control swiftly and don’t be victimized by graffiti. “The writing on the wall” is not your destiny.

Graffiti Removal is a simple service that can be completed often within a few hours of contacting us. Feel free to use or emergency services 24-7. With the proper equipment and product your property will restored to its full beauty. If an application of paint is needed on top of the removal, then our pros will assist you that as well. Start to finish, we are here to get you back to fully operational.

Frequent Graffiti Hits

If your business has become the target of routine hits then talk to us. Phoenix Hard Hats will set up a service agreement for quicker response times to thwart their efforts. With a more robust team to respond and deliver a prompt message, your business can overcome aggressive “street artists”. We can also provide documentation of each event to be provided to that local authorities.

Help Stop Graffiti in Phoenix

The City of Phoenix asks that we report graffiti to them. They strive to keep the city clean of this vandalism and devaluation of public property. Responding quickly discourages repeat attacks. Fight Graffiti in Phoenix

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