About Us

Our Journey & Work Ethic

With 31 years of experience in commercial services, we started with parking lot sweeping and expanded to odd job solutions. Our founders' strong work ethic drives our commitment to excellence.

The Power of a Hired Hard Hat

AZ Hard Hat has a combined 31 years in the commercial services industry. The business began with sweeping parking lots. Adding power washing to get those lots extra clean was the next step. Since AZ Hard Hat lots were the cleanest, we got referred more parking lots. We started getting a few more odd job requests. We were happy to have the work and our clients were happy to have the help. So we just kept saying “YES” and the work kept growing.

The owners were high school delinquents buddies. (Okay, we may have skipped class a few times)… But we both graduated and we both earned college degrees. However, what is really important here isn’t the level of our education, but our work ethic. We both worked through high school, and through college. No money from mom and dad, paid our own ways. Its about how to hustle and work hard. We know how to put in long hours. And with that kind of commitment and dedication comes pride in what is done here.

You will find that AZ Hard Hat is full of like minded, hard working individuals. Problem solving is part of our routine.

Expert Maintenance

31 years of experience in parking lot and exterior maintenance. AZ Hard Hat simplifies property care.

All-In-One Maintenance

AZ Hard Hat: Your go-to for odd jobs and professional maintenance. Fully insured and bonded.

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