Parking Lot Cracking & Patching

Crack is bad for your business.

Walkways, driveways, and parking lots crack. It is bound to happen. And everyone knows crack ain’t good for you. Yep, we said it, and cracks aren’t good for your parking lots either. And the longer you wait to kick that cracking habit the worse it becomes.

Stop the crack now!

Gatoring in asphalt is named for its very unsightly look that resembles the back of an alligator. It is also known as “alligator cracking” or “web cracking”. It known more technically as fatigue cracking. It happens for many reasons, from poor installation to bad maintenance, to bad drainage. Once fatigue cracking has set in, removal and replacement are required. This can be achieved with an asphalt patch or a full asphalt resurface. A professional should be able to determine what is causing the gatoring and the service that will best suit solving your particular pavement problem. Consult with an AZ Hard Hat Project Manager to get pricing and recommendations based on your property’s needs.

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