Pothole Repair

Need Pothole Repair?

Stop Tire Damage & Tripping Hazards

Potholes don’t end at being ugly. Potholes in parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks put property managers at risk for damages done to visitors. Trip and Fall Lawsuits are a very real thing. But having a pothole repaired isn’t just about potential liability, it is more importantly about good customer service. If you repair your potholes they will come back, again

Free Routine Pothole Checkups

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Would you like to have another set of eyes on your property’s condition? Someone that would routinely check for tripping hazards like potholes? One of the benefits you get with having AZ Hard Hat maintenance services is that our professionals do onsite visual inspections for each of our customers within our contracted routine service plans. At no additional charge, you now have another set of eyes to catch any exterior maintenance needs every month, week, or day depending on the service frequency. Managing a property is hard. There are so many things to do. And your to-do list is never ceasing to have more things added to it. Let AZ Hard Hat help take some of those do dos off your list. And give you expert recommendations on when your property needs attention and when you can get more mileage out of your parking lot before needing a repair. Learn more about local Phoenix Parking Lot Services.

How many inches deep before I should repair my pothole?

Do you need to repair a pothole that is only an inch deep? No. That’s hardly even a pothole. How about 2 inches or 3 inches? At what depth does your pothole becomes a tire hazard? Download this guide to pothole repairs that has a depth scale, length and width scale, compared to repairs needed.

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