Concrete Curbing Fixes

Is Your Curb Broken, Ugly, & Uninviting?

Your exterior curbs take a lot of punishment. Cracks, splits, large chips are all part of your curb’s future life. If it is experiencing any of these now, then call us and get help today!

Fixing your curbing is simple.

Fill in, patch, or cut out and replace?

Many customers want to know if they can fill in a broken curb verses cutting it out and reforming, replacing, and redoing an entire section. Valid question. The reality is that much of the solution depends on the situation and the desired outcome. Often cutting out a section and replacing that section end to end is going to give you the most aesthetically pleasing result. But if you are trying to save some money and reduce the further decay of the curb then a fill or patch job will suffice.

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