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Commercial specialty jobs, it's a thing, our thing.

Hiring years of experience in parking lot services and exterior maintenance services makes your life easier. Let AZ Hard Hat give you a bid to add your property onto their routes.

The Power of a Hired Hard Hat

In commercial maintenance there are all types of odd fixes and repairs that you need insistently. And it is wise for you and every good property manager to have a few go-to contractors. You don’t want to hire a Hard Hat for your routine plumbing problems, electrical shorts, or HVAC fixes.

Fully insured and bonded, we have all of your odd maintenance jobs covered. And odd, or not, all of your professional commercial maintenance jobs are no longer a concern with AZ Hard Hat on your team.

Expert Maintenance

31 years of experience in parking lot and exterior maintenance. AZ Hard Hat simplifies property care.

All-In-One Maintenance

AZ Hard Hat: Your go-to for odd jobs and professional maintenance. Fully insured and bonded.

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Parking Lot Sweeping

Commercial Power Washing

Asphalt Repairs

Curbing & Striping

Experts in Asphalt & Parking Lots

Parking lot sweeping is where we started. Pot holes, patches, striping, and concrete curbing were quick to follow. We just keep saying “Yes” anytime a property manager asks for help.

Asphalt Specialists

Experts in asphalt maintenance and parking lot solutions.

Comprehensive Parking Lot Services

From sweeping to repairs, we've got your parking lot covered.

Responsive Property Assistance

We always say "Yes" to property managers in need of reliable help.


In just over 140 years from its incorporation, the city of Phoenix has grown to be the 5th most populated city in the United States. The greater Phoenix metro has over 4.9 million residents, ranking it the 10th largest metro. Commercial real estate is on the rise with over 1000 active listings ready for rent or lease.

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Who is AZ Hard Hat?

We are committed to providing our commercial property managers with exceptional service. From start to finish we communicate clearly expectations, deadlines, and outcomes. AZ Hard Hat also prides itself on offering employees the best training and a working environment in which they can excel. Keeping quality talent happy is key to keeping our customers happy.

While the name is new, the business is not. AZ Hard Hat has a combined 31 years in the commercial services industry. Early on our work focused on late night parking lot sweeping for Walmarts, Home Depots, and others. Gradually it expanded to other odd parking lot jobs like striping and concrete curb repairs. After a customer was tagged with some unsightly graffiti we rushed into restore their commercial dignity. Now we paint strange things, clean up debris and construction sites, throw salt on crazy random ice days, do parking lot lighting repairs, power wash, and still run a decent night crew sweeping parking lots.

Want to know more? Read our about us page.

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